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Caring for the Caregiver

Posted by Darla Sims on May 10, 2017 9:42:29 AM
Caring for someone with dementia is rewarding at times, but is often trying as well.  One of the biggest challenges you face is being able to deal with the stress and strain of being a caregiver to someone with dementia. You might feel lost at times. As the disease progresses, so do your responsibilities. Your support system of family and friends may seem to grow distant. You may find yourself growing moody and less energetic, doubting your abilities. At Superior Care Home, we can help you refocus, reenergize, avoid caregiver burnout and, most importantly, stay healthy.


Dementia is a disease. No one is responsible for your loved one’s condition, least of all you, the primary caregiver. Outside or less involved parties are free with their opinions. Listen, but don’t accept criticism from those who don’t have to meet your daily challenges.


You may feel that you’re doing things wrong, second-guessing yourself. Don’t! Feeling guilty is counterproductive and unnecessary. You might not recognize the signs that you are subconsciously blaming yourself, which can lead to depression and burnout.
  • Isolation. Are you pulling away from family, friends and social activity?
  • Unfocused at work. Are you less interested in your job and your employer notices?
  • Family neglect. Do you feel that caregiving is having a negative effect on the rest of the family?
  • Fatigue. Have your duties in life left you tired, confused and feeling helpless?
  • Weight loss, weight gain. Has there been a change in your eating habits? Is there an increase in the use of alcohol or other stimulants to get by?


You are in charge of your life. Superior Care Home is your partner and is here to assist you. It’s not wrong to reach out. Every problem has a solution and together we can help you achieve balance.

Some solutions to:
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