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Specialized Care … Quality Outcomes

We understand that no two residents are alike. That is why residents and their families receive our full attention and commitment – from admission through discharge. First, we listen to and understand each resident’s unique goals and needs. Then, we assess, develop and deliver a comprehensive individualized plan of care that helps each resident achieve his or her optimal health, function and quality of life.

We achieve optimal outcomes by including residents and families as active participants in the care-planning process. Comprehensive care plan conferences incorporate every aspect of a resident’s health and well-being, and assist residents and their families in understanding care, condition and progress.

When it’s time for discharge, we help residents prepare for their return home, arranging for products, supplies and services to maximize a safe, successful transition. Our care and concern continues beyond discharge. Within 72 hours and again after 30 days, we call to check on each discharged residents’ progress … because that’s what families do.

Medicare Short-Term Rehabilitation

Designed as a short-term transition from hospital to home, our comprehensive rehabilitation programs specialize in individualized treatment plans to help residents achieve their maximum level of independence, safety and quality of life.

Learn more about our short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing care services.

Long-Term and Restorative Care

For individuals no longer able to live at home due to chronic illness, physical limitations or memory impairment, long-term residency provides around-the-clock, personalized medical, social and psychological care to enhance overall health and quality of life.

Discover how our long-term nursing and restorative care programs promote optimal health and quality of life.

Palliative Care

Palliative care programs focus on compassionate, supportive care for those facing terminal illness. Residents’ comfort, dignity and respect become our primary focus to enhance quality of life and the time spent with loved ones.

Gain insight into how our compassionate palliative care benefits residents and families.

Support Services

Rehabilitation and nursing care programs are supported by a team of professionals working in concert to provide individualized care that treats the whole person. Meeting residents' nutiritional, psycholocial, social and spirtiual needs are equally important in maximizing outcomes, expediting recovery and achieving quality of life.  It is only through teamwork, collaboration and partnership between our inter-disciplinary team, resident and family that we achieve outcomes many thought were not possible.

Learn how nutrition therapy, dining services, social services, and recreation programs compliment our comprehensive care.