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Success Stories

Everyone has a story to tell, and we’re thrilled that both current and former residents enjoy telling their Superior Care Home stories! After all, it's their first-hand experience and perspective that tells our story the best. Discover all they have to say about the care they received and the exceptional outcomes they achieved during their stay — or still enjoy today. We also have a list of Staff Sucess Stories. Each and every employee at Superior Care Home carries a passion for what they do, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’re excited to share the talents and dedication of select staff members with you and their perspective on what it means to work at Superior Care Home. Click the links on the left to read Resident and Staff Success Stories.


"We are so appreciative of the care our aunt received. She is so much stronger, confident and independent after her therapy at Superior Care Home." - Family Member of Discharged Rehabilitation Resident

“I have never had to depend upon anyone to take care of me. That made coming to a nursing home difficult. But I could not walk. Now I am walking. And because each and every one of you, therapists and nursing staff, were so caring and did your best for me, I can now live at home. You are the best without question.” - Discharged Rehabilitation Resident

“We have a highly qualified team of rehab professionals with varied areas of expertise. But the common thread that binds us is compassionate care and meeting the unique needs and desires of each resident to help them achieve functional outcomes and quality of life.” - Therapy Program Manager

“When my mom entered the door of Superior Care Home, her first words were, ‘It’s beautiful. It’s just like home.’ When my mom and dad were both residents at Superior Care Home we always felt ‘at home.’ More important than the décor, the genuine warmth, concern and love of the staff are the most important factors in making Superior Care Home feel like home and making us feel like family.” - Family Member of Discharged Long-Term Resident

"I never dreamed I would ever live in a place like this. It is so beautiful, and you are all so kind. You are my family." - Current Long-Term Resident

“Mary Ellen Thompson could not have chosen a more appropriate name for her facility. I cannot tell you how very impressed I have been with the level of care given to my dad. My expectations were high, but never did I expect to have such a positive experience. I applaud the entire staff. Thank you for guiding my dad down the correct path for his rehab.” - Family Member of Discharged Rehabilitation Resident

Weekend Visit Turns Into Nine Weeks of Successful Rehab

For Owensboro resident Helen Lovett, a quick visit to her daughter and son-in-law, Ann and Vic Speck’s, home in Paducah turned into a nine-week stay after she missed a step and fell on her way into the house.  “When it was time for her to start rehab, we wanted her at Superior Care Home,” Mrs. Speck said. “We’ve always thought that’s the best place to be. Everyone there made our entire family feel very loved, and provided great care.”

Ms. Lovett arrived for short-term rehabilitation, and through working with the rehab staff, graduated from a wheelchair to a walker. During her time at Superior Care Home, Ms. Lovett grew fond of the therapy gym and its staff. She even came up with her own nicknames for several of her regular therapists. “(The therapy gym) is the best place, everyone is laughing but still working,” she said. “It is strenuous some days, but everyone is in good humor.”

On Thanksgiving, her daughter took her back to the home where she fell, with one simple modification to this year’s family feast. “I requested that we eat in the breakfast room, I did not want to go anywhere near the place where I fell,” Ms. Lovett said. The following week, she returned back to her apartment in Owensboro and her lifestyle of “eat, sleep, play bridge until about 11 at night.” 

“Everyone here at Superior Care has been wonderful,” she said. “It’s been an experience that maybe I should put into a novel some day. This has been perfect for what I needed to get back home.” Prior to leaving Superior, she decided to return to her fellow card players unannounced, anticipating that they’d be flabbergasted when they saw her. “I’ll probably cry when I get home, tears of joy,” she said. “Then we’ll play bridge.”