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National Dementia Education Week at Superior Care

During the week of February 14-21, Superior Care celebrated National Dementia Education Week-a nationally recognized education week. Throughout the week, our Certified Dementia Practitioners-Resident Life Coordinator, Dee Metcalf-CDP and Lowertown Clinical Director, Joni Culp-LPN, CDP, created and shared a variety of dementia educational materials for our staff and visiting family members. They provided helpful dementia care worksheets and taped informational videos to help better understand the signs and symptoms of dementia and the unique care needs of someone with this diagnosis. Our Registered Dietitian (right), Nicole Schmittou-MS, RD, LD, also shared some helpful nutritional tips including introducing finger foods and how to thicken liquids when swallowing challenges take place. Click video links below for more information.

Download Helpful Dementia Care Tips Video here.

Download Helpful Nutritional Tips Video here.

If you have any questions regarding dementia and caring for someone with dementia, please call Joni Culp or Dee Metcalf at (270)442-6884. We would love to help you! Helping each other is the best way to help our loved ones!


Random Acts of WOW by Paducah Bank

On Wednesday, February 14, Superior Care residents were the among the many blessed recipients of Paducah Bank's Random Acts of WOW, in honor of the bank's 70th Anniversary. Click link to view video story.



Making Spirits Bright

The holidays can be a joyous celebration for families and friends. However, if your loved one has dementia and or Alzheimer's, the holidays can be challenging. Joni Culp-Memory Care Clinical Director-LPN, CDP, shares a few tips for making spirits bright when visiting your loved one in a long term care setting. Holiday Tips for Caregivers booklets are available at the Superior Care receptionist desk.

View video by clicking here.

Lemonade & Learning: The Importance of Hydration for Seniors

   IMG_2897.jpg   Recently, Superior Care hosted a community outreach program at the McCracken County Senior Center and the Ballard County Senior Center. Our Dietitician, Nicole Schmittou, shared a brief presentation on the importance of “Hydration for Seniors”. Here is a summary of her presentation.

There are many health conditions affecting seniors that can ultimately lead to unwanted hospital visits.  Do you know what brings seniors into the hospital most often? Is it falls at home, heart disease, UTI’s, or complications from cancer?  If you guessed UTI’s, then you are correct! Hydration for seniors is imperative to overall health and can prevent the recurrence of UTI’s.

Here are some common signs of mild to moderate dehydration: thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, infrequent urination, dry skin, constipation, dizziness or lightheadedness, muscle cramps, bad breath, cravings for sweets, altered mood, crankiness, fuzzy thinking. Signs of severe dehydration are: rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, severe dizziness or lightheadedness, unconsciousness or delirium, not urinating or having dark-colored urine, extremely dry skin, sunken eyes, extreme thirst, low blood pressure, not sweating when you should be.
Here are some common misconceptions about hydration.
1. Drinking any type of liquid will help improve hydration status.
    FALSE-Drinks containing caffeine (tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks) act as diuretics that cause your body to lose fluid, worsening hydration status. Stick with caffeine free drinks such as juice, lemonade, water, and smoothies.
2.  You should stop drinking beverages immediately after dinner to prevent having to get up and use the rest room in the middle of the night.
    FALSE-You only need to stop drinking 2 hours prior to going to sleep to prevent middle of the night bathroom breaks.
3.  Foods provide your body with hydration as well as beverages.
    TRUE-All food contains some amount of water.  You can improve your hydration status by snacking on water dense foods such as citrus fruits, berries, melons, apples, pears, and dark leafy greens.

                            At Superior Care, we encourage hydration with our
        flavored water stations throughout our neighborhoods. Stop by for a sip!

Here are a few tips for incorporating hydration into your daily routines.
1. Set a timer to remind yourself to drink a glass of water every 2 hours.
2. Take a bottle of water with you when you are traveling to the grocery store, doctor’s appointment, church, etc.
3. Where do you spend the most time when you’re relaxing at home? Keep a bottle of water next to these favorite spots, such as on your night stand, by the chair where you watch tv, on your bathroom counter where you get ready in the morning, etc.
4. Bored with water? Flavor water with tasty combos of fresh fruit. Try strawberry/kiwi, lemon/lime, orange/mango, apple/grape.
5. Make juices more refreshing by serving them over ice. Sip on warm hot cocoa instead of coffee in the morning or after dinner. Try these easy homemade smoothie recipes. Download recipes.

Cold War Patriots Resource Fair

The Cold War Patriots Organization provides resources for all former employees of the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant and Allied Chemical. The organization recently hosted a Resource Fair. Superior Care's Medical Director, Dr. Danny Butler, was presented an Award of Excellence for providing exemplary care for our community. Superior Care is honored to have participated in this resource fair and we look forwarding to caring for our Cold War Patriots and our community for generations to come!




The 2017 Purchase Area Mental Health & Aging Coalition Conference

IMG_2581.jpgRecently, Superior Care Home participated in the 2017 Purchase Area Mental Health & Aging Coalition Annual Conference at Lone Oak First Baptist Church. The vision of the PAMHAC is to bring together consumers and providers of mental health and aging services, individuals from academic, medical, legislative, faith base entities, and other interested parties for the common purpose of improving the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of residents through a comprehensive approach. This year’s annual conference hosted a variety of keynote speakers, including Skip Wirth RN, BS Public Health, who spoke about how stress affects your health and how to incorporate the 7 characteristics of stress resistance in your lives. Another keynote speaker, Gerina Whethers, BA, JD, from the Office of the Attorney General, shared the Kentucky Attorney General’s mission regarding Senior Kentuckians and spoke about the top trending scams for seniors, prevention tools and other techniques to protect against fraud. Ms. Whethers shared the following links to available resources for seniors.
Link to Office of Senior Protection Brochure:
Link to the Attorney General’s Website:

Happy National Nurses Week!

Superior Care Home salutes are invaluable and amazing and compassionate nursing staff in honor of National Nurses Week! We are so grateful for their dedication and the true ministry they provide our residents and their families! Thank you to all of our nurses!

Click here to watch our "Thank You, Nurses!" video.

2017 Best Nursing Home & Rehabilitation-Thank You for Voting!

Superior Care Home was recently voted as the Best Nursing Home/Rehabilitation Center by the Paducah Sun readers, 5 years in a row! We want to thank everyone who nominated us and who voted for us! We feel that it is a privilege to care for Western Kentucky families since 1972. Thank you, for this prestigious award!

View our "Thank You" video.

Superior Residents Celebrate March Madness

Superior Care Home residents, Helen Morgan and Thomas Mathis, recently were interviewed about how much they enjoy watching Kentucky basketball, especially during March Madness!

Bringing Paducah Home

This summer, Ms. Martha Baker, had a great idea. She wanted to have a painting put on the fence that was part of her window viewing area. After researching a few options, Ro Morse, founder of the Paducah Wall to Wall Floodwall murals, graciously donated banners that had been made from various floodwall murals. Ms. Baker and the other residents are just thrilled with the new artwork, which brings back many memories of Paducah and its downtown historical gems. You can read more about this story in the November/December edition of Paducah Life magazine.

Download the Paducah Life Magazine feature article.

Superior Care Home-Aging and the Arts

We love sharing how special Superior Care Home is! The Paducah Sun recently visited us during one of our daily creativity activities.

Download the article.

Superior Care Home Selected "2016 Best Nursing Home" by Paducah Sun Readers

For 4 years in a row, readers of the Paducah Sun have selected Superior Care Home as the Best Nursing Home in the region for 2016! We are honored by this award as we continue the legacy of our founder, Mary Ellen Thompson, who started Superior Care Home over 40 years ago, establishing the standard of excellence in elder care for this community. Thank you, Paducah, and Paducah Sun readers for this award!

Superior Care Home featured in Paducah Bank WOW Magazine

Paducah Bank featured Superior Care Home in their recent WOW Magazine.

Download the article.

Grand Opening

Monday, November 24 was an opportunity for us to thank the many people close to this project of our brand new Superior Care Home building! Those in attendance had a big hand throughout the construction process - from beginning to end - and were able to gather and tour our new building together.
Find out more.

Brand New Superior Care Home Community Opening in December

Superior Care Home announces the opening of a new community in early December. The first new construction of its kind in over 40 years, Western Kentucky will benefit from expanded services.
Download the press release.

Superior Care Home on the Cover of Purchase Family Magazine

Superior Care Home was featured on the cover of the January 2015 issue of Purchase Area Family Magazine. Inside the issue, there is also an article detailing all aspects of our brand new building.
Read the January 2015 issue.