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Will Medicare pay for the stay?

Yes, you are eligible to use your Medicare skilled nursing benefits under Medicare Part A following a qualifying inpatient hospital stay, as long as a skilled service (such as therapy) is being rendered.

How long will I need to stay?

You can stay as long as you receive a skilled service. If your skilled service is therapy, you can stay until you achieve your goals, have returned to your prior level of functioning, or have stopped making progress.

How much does my supplement pay?

This depends on your insurance plan. If you admit under Medicare Part A, Medicare will cover 100% of your costs for your first 20 days. After that point, the amount of your daily co-pay will depend on the amount covered in your specific insurance plan.

How much therapy will I receive?

This is determined upon admission after you are evaluated by all therapy disciplines and have established goals.

Is there therapy on weekends?

Yes, if our therapists determine that you need more than five days of therapy a week, we will offer therapy on Saturdays and Sundays during your stay.

Do you have private rooms?

Yes; there are many private rooms with en suite bathrooms.  There are also shared rooms.

Who pays for my medications?

Your medications are covered during your skilled nursing or short-term rehab stay.

Will I have my own TV? Cable? Phone? Wi-Fi?

Each room comes with a phone, Wi-Fi, and flat-screen television with cable.

Who does my laundry?

We do.  Laundry is included in your services.

How will I get to follow up appointments? Do you offer transportation?

Your family and/or friends provide transportation to appointments. If they are unable to do so or cannot accommodate a wheelchair in their vehicle, then we can arrange for the Paducah Area Transit System (PATS) to provide you transportation to appointments.

What insurance plans do you work with?

Standard Medicare and Medicare replacement policies. We are in the process of expanding our network to include more plans for those not yet eligible for Medicare.

Can my doctor take care of me at Superior Care Home?

Yes. Doctors are encouraged to follow their patients here. Doctors must be credentialed by Superior Care to participate, in order to streamline your care experience.

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