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Typically there are three options to pay for care:

  • Insurance.
    Most insurance plans are accepted, including Medicare.
  • Out of pocket.
    Also known as "private pay."
  • Military.
    If you're retired from the military, you may be able to tap into special benefits.
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What is covered by the Original Medicare Plan?

For Days…

Medicare Pays for Covered Services:

You Pay for Covered Services:


Full cost



All but a daily co-payment*

All but a daily co-payment*

Beyond 100


Full cost

*The co-payment (your share) is $176 per day beginning January 1, 2019. It can change each year. If you have a Medigap (Medicare Supplemental Insurance) policy or are in a Medicare Advantage Plan, your costs may be different or you may have additional coverage.  

When and how long does Medicare cover care in a skilled nursing facility?  You can receive up to 100 days of skilled nursing coverage in a benefit period if you continue to meet Medicare’s requirements.  There is no limit to the number of benefits periods you can have, but when your benefit period ends, you must have a period of 60 day wellness. 

What is a 60 day wellness  period?  A 60 day wellness period is 60 days in a row which you have not been in a skilled nursing center or hospital, or if you remain in a skilled nursing center, you must have a period of 60 days in a row during which you haven’t received any skilled care. 

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